“Elephant from the Cat Tien jungle” (expedition “Indo-Chinese adventure”, 2/4 part) – English version

“We sought refreshment in the lake, and we were not alone. On the other side of the shallow water stood a herd of over fifty rugged and wild buffaloes. Astonished, we approached them to take better photos, and they started to approach us, in order to protect their offspring. Believe me, not even a bit pleasant experience.”

“Mysterious Angkor Wat” (expedition “Indo-Chinese adventure”, 1/4 part) – English version

“If eight hundred years ago someone had told King Jayavarman that the temple – where more than twelve thousand souls lived – would one day be consumed by the jungle, he would probably have that messenger executed. However, this imposing shrine – with all the trees, roots and vines, which capture every pore of the structure – is no more than a kingdom of macaques, only ones reigning. A typical example of how in the end nature always wins, no matter how godly man felt.”

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